Struggling to maintain a good wellness routine as the law requires you to stay indoors. Don’t stress. Follow these easy tips and stay mentally and physically fit in the comfort of your home.

Jog Around Your Yard

Finally, that big yard can be useful! Jogging does more for the body than just helping with weight loss. Not in a harsh manner. This form of exercise helps build endurance and stamina. It also improves bone strength, boosts the respiratory system, develops muscle and keeps the mind healthy. Go on get into those running shoes!


Jumping Jacks

An exercise with the potential to take you back to childhood memory lane. Jumping jacks fall under callisthenics which are exercises that don’t rely on equipment for execution but a person’s body weight. A good round of jumping jacks is good for the cardiovascular system and boosting one’s metabolism, so jump!



This is the best and most effective way to burn calories as the lockdown can have you eating more than usual. Whether done inside your house or on your driveway, skipping is a full-body workout that may improve one’s heart health, assists with weight loss, tones lower and upper body muscles and helps to improve skin.



Many think that squats are just leg exercises but that’s not necessarily true. Squats can give one a total physique, they get rid of fat, improve posture and mobility, boosts metabolism and tones the whole body including your butt. Squats can be performed in different ways, do your research and understand what works for you.



Don’t anchor your legs, stick to maintaining a posterior tilt ensuring your lower back is completely on the ground and lastly do not strain your neck by keeping it tucked in. Sounds easy enough? This form of exercise increases muscle mass to get more defined abs and speeds up one’s metabolism to burn more calories.


Lying Leg Raises

Whether you keep your hands on the side of your body or take them back balancing on the edge of your bed, couch or family member’s ankles, this exercise targets the lower abdomen getting rid of belly fat, tones thighs and builds abs.



Nothing beats having a strong core, as this allows you to be physically fit to do almost every workout.

Get into a high push-up position, bend your elbows resting your weight on your forearms instead of your hands, make sure your body has formed a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles and brace your core holding for 30 seconds to one minute. There you go! You have just read the secret to a flat stomach and six-pack abs.


Remember to start every day with a good breakfast, and we not talking about having a delicious doughnut. Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand, stick to the rules and you will be feeling and looking good when the lockdown ends.