National N Diploma in Hospitality and Catering

Hospitality and Catering

  • N4-N6
  • Full Time
  • Two Years


Making delicious food is an art. If you enjoy working with different ingredients, fusing different flavours and making people smile with each meal, then the Hospitality and Catering field is for you. The course will teach you nutrition and menu planning, food and beverage services, sanitation and safety, housekeeping, restaurant and bar activities, function planning, events, how to manage a kitchen, as well as guest relations and entrepreneurship and business skills. A key feature of this programme is the practical element, where students turn their theory into a delicious dish.

Admission Requirements

Any of the following certificates will be accepted at registration:

  • National Senior Certificate/Grade 12
  • N3 Certificate/NCV
  • Level 4 Certificate/ABET Level 4 Certificate

Career Fields

Hotel Reception
Food Preparation and Catering
Restaurant and Bar Activites
Functional Planning and Events
Guest Liaison Services
Certification and Examination Authority

Learners will receive the following at each level:

  • National Certificate N4, N5, N6
  • National N Diploma in Hospitality and Catering on completion of N4-N6 and 18-months’ of in-service training.

The National N Diploma includes two (2) years of theory and 18-months of in-service training.

All examinations are set and administered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The National N Diploma is issued by the DHET.

Study Materials

All textbooks at BTC are free. Simply enquire on registration for more details.


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National N4 Certificate 1st Year Subjects (Annual)
Applied Management, Nutrition and Menu Planning, Catering Theory and Practical, Sanitation and Safety, Management Communication
National N5 Certificate 2nd Year 1st Semester Subjects
Applied Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Food and Beverage Services, Catering Theory and Practical
National N6 Certificate 2nd Year 2nd Semester Subjects
Applied Management, Introductory Computer Practice, Catering Theory and Practical, Communication and Human Relations
Further Studies

On successful completion, you will receive a National N Diploma in Hospitality and Catering and may further your studies at a University of Technology.

Fact Sheet

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