National N Certificate: Mechanical Engineering: (Motor Trade)

Motor Trade

  • N1-N2
  • Full Time
  • One Year


Motor or auto mechanics inject new life into vehicles and are responsible for fixing the mechanical parts from the engine to the transmission and suspension systems in cars and small trucks. As a motor mechanic, you will be required to fix, reassemble and often restore vehicle parts, so the vehicle is functional and roadworthy. Common tasks may include testing and repairing of electrical lighting systems, the replacement of damaged engine parts and general quality inspection.

Admission Requirements

Grade 10, 11 and 12
Mathematics and Physical Science is not a requirement.

Career Fields

Service stations
Vehicle and truck dealerships
Public authorities, e.g. local government
Transport companies and dealerships with fleet of vehicles and small trucks
Vehicle workshops
Certification and Examination Authority

All examinations are administered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and IEB.

Study Materials

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Extra Classes

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National N1 Certificate: 1st Year 1st Semester Subjects
Mathematics, Engineering Science, Engineering Drawing, FLC Communication
National N2 Certificate: 1st Year 2nd Semester Subjects
Mathematics, Engineering Science, Motor Trade Theory, Engineering Drawing
Further Studies

On successful completion, you will receive an N1, N2 and FLC Communication certificate and can then progress to the N3-N4 qualification.

Fact Sheet

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