Campus Life

Campus Life

The college supports an academic-social philosophy and encourages students to get involved in the social, cultural and sporting calendar. We value the health and wellness of our students and do not support an environment that is purely academically driven. Our dedicated Social, Cultural and Sporting Committee work closely with the academic team to ensure that all social activities are integrated into the academic calendar for the year.

Social & Cultural

Get Active! Get Athletic! At Berea Technical College we are dedicated to ensuring our students are versatile in all aspects of sports, academics as well as involved in extra-curricular activities and programmes. Our sporting programmes are carefully designed for our students and a Sports Day is held annually. Sporting codes include Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball as well as a range of indigenous games.

Mr & Miss Berea Technical College

If you enjoy the spotlight, then Mr and Miss Berea Technical College awaits you! Show off your talent and compete with your colleagues with our yearly pageant that takes place and get the opportunity to represent our brand in the Mr and Miss Berea Technical College. The pageant encourages students to use this platform to build relationships with each other, as well as confidence. Experience the joy in participating in this event with awesome prizes to be won, and of course the bragging rights of holding the title of Mr and Miss Berea Technical College.

Student Braai

Preparing for exams is always stressful throughout the year with assignments and deadlines. At Berea Technical College we ensure that all students are well equipped for the period of exam. The Student Braai takes place at the end of the year before the exam period to help our student’s de-stress from studying. Student Braai Day includes live music and entertainment from well-known performers and allows students to show off their talent with a meet and greet.

Student Orientation

Beginning your journey at an institution may cause anxiety in the heart of a new college student if they are not mentally and physically equipped as to what to expect. At Berea Technical College we are committed to ensuring our orientation programmes are designed to guide and prepare our students with an overview of academics and social activities. This event takes place at the beginning of each year which allows our students to engage and interact with one another and with our lecturers and other academic staff members, to acclimate to the new environment of the campus.

Orientation is about familiarising students with their new learning environment. It involves meeting new people and communicating helpful information such as where essential services are located.

Information on the learning programme, student support services and the teaching and learning philosophy adopted by the college is communicated verbally and in writing.